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Hollow glass microspheres

Microspheres are wonderful functional fillers for male and female cosmetically products. The product gives a luxurious feeling, has a good oil absorption rate, is a non porous, transparent powder, and improves the bonding between different ingredients. .Due to the density, it is economical in use. You find our products (LUXSIL) in the following applications:

  • Blush
  • Dry Skin Cream
  • Eye-shadow
  • Face Powder
  • Lipstick
  • Make-up
  • Mascara

As functional filler Microspheres provide widely used functions:

LUXSIL® is a good dispersing aid

Because it is spherical, LUXSIL® breaks up agglomerates to give a more homogeneous dispersion
Helps eliminate streaking
Used to detactify emulsions without increasing viscosity

LUXSIL® decreases viscosity (it is spherical)

Allows increased "play time" (time to apply product before it dries)
Enhances flow and spreading properties
Facilitates more uniform application

LUXSIL® has optical properties

More transparent than most powders
Does not whiten the formulation
Imparts a "soft focus" look (The sphere is hollow, so it redirects the angle of light)
Most appropriate for flat, not glossy finishes

LUXSIL® is economical to use

Less expensive than most spherical powders (nylon, PMMA)
Does not absorb resins or oils
At a density of 1.1 g/cc, less weight is needed
Is effective at low dosages (5-10%)

LUXSIL® is acceptable for use globally

LUXSIL® adds lubricity

To pressed powders, eye shadows, face creams
To emulsions and anhydrous systems