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Rubber & Polyblends

CHEMIGUM® N and NX Nitrile Rubbers

Chemigum®N NBR Bale and NX Carboxylated NBR Rubbers are the most cost-effective product lines of oil-resistant synthetic rubbers used in a myriad of automotive and industrial applications. A wide range of grades is available to combine the best of oil & fuel resistance, mechanical properties and performance at low temperatures with processing needs.

Range of NBR Bale. Hot and Cold, Batch & Continuous polymerized grades varying in ACN content, Mooney Viscosity and other features such as low mold fouling and plasticizer extended grades.

NX grades are particularly suitable for use in tough service conditions.

Product NBR Type ACN % Mooney Viscosity
ML1+4 at 100.C
Specific Features Distinctions
Chemigum NX146 Cold 33 40-50 carboxylated Excellent abrasion & thermal resistance specially designed for Cots & Aprons
Hot 39 80-95 slightly staining High viscosity gel with good MEK solubility for Adhesives & Cements
Chemigum N634E Cold 33 38-48 Eco friendly grade.
Free of DOP plasticizer and heavy metal stabilizers
50% Plasticizer extended polymer for very soft applications.
Chemigum N200 Cold 34 44-54 Non-staining High Oil & Fuel, Temperature and Abrasion resistance; specially designed for Rice De-husking Rollers.
Chemigum N385 Cold 40 45-59 Low Mold Fouling Excellent Oil, Fuel resistance with good processibility for O-Rings, Seals etc.
Chemigum N386 Cold 40 60-70 < ditto > Medium high viscosity grade for Hoses, Printing blankets needing good Solvent resistance.
Chemigum N388 Cold 40 71-85 < ditto > High Viscosity, high solvent resistance grade for Hoses, Jointing Sheets, Printing Blankets etc.
Chemigum N683 Cold 33 25-34 < ditto > Lowest viscosity premium grade.
Chemigum N684 Cold 33 35-44 < ditto > Low viscosity general purpose grade.
Chemigum N685 Cold 33 45-55 < ditto > Medium viscosity general purpose grade.
Chemigum N686 Cold 33 56-64 < ditto > Medium-high viscosity general purpose grade
Chemigum N687 Cold 33 65-74 < ditto > High viscosity general purpose grade.
Chemigum N689 Cold 33 79-91 < ditto > Highest viscosity premium grade.
Chemigum N344 Cold 33 38-45 Non-staining Cost-effective, low viscosity grade.
Chemigum N345 Cold 33 45-54 Non-staining Cost-effective, medium viscosity grade.


The Polyblends are used where, in addition to oil & fuel resistance, superior weatherability, in particular resistance to ozone, is required. Grades differ in the type and content of the NBR rubber to adapt to specific combinations of performance, service environment and processing.

Range of Polyblends of NBR with PVC supplied in sheet form of varying thickness. Granular form can be supplied on demand.

Chemigum Grade Blend Ratio
%ACN in NBR Typical Viscosity
ML1+4 at 100.C
Chemigum NVC 573E 70:30 33 % 60 Versatile grade for extrusions and moldings. Widely used for LPG tubing, fuel hose and conveyor belt covers, cable jacketing, bellows, grommets, seals and profiles in automotive and industrial parts.
Chemigum NVC 1204E 70:30 33 % 26 Premium grade for very soft auto and industrial parts whose manufacturing requires easy processing, such as covers for printing rollers.

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